Thursday, April 3, 2014


I picked up a bottle of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt the other day and I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities! Prettiest salt I've ever seen. I'm kind of obsessed.  ha ha. I first saw it on Pinterest that led me to this Oh So Pretty body scrub DIY blog post - well styled pics! I read article after article about them, apparently it's a better salt to consume and great for skin. I've been researching to find a scrub I can make with this salt - I'm thinking Lavender. I already have enough empty candle containers for them. lol. hmmm..I think I have a candle addiction, we'll take that topic up another day. :-)

By the way, I was supposed to post an April desktop wallpaper with a Game of Thrones theme, but..it just didn't come out right no matter how much I worked on it. Maybe, I'll show it one day... Anyway, I'm such a GOT geek, can't wait for Sunday night! :D

Photo and layout by me

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  1. Hola fellow GoT geek! ;)
    Oh I've seen Victoria's DIY rose scrub before, and now I feel like making the scrub and having a beauty day right now! xD