Monday, April 7, 2014

Paris Versus New York

I spent my Sunday afternoon at a library nearby - it was long overdue, don't think I've been to one in years..I'm a bookstore/cafe kinda gal. Naturally, I went to the design section first and found some cool books! I've seen this book cover around the blogsphere for some time, but never paid attention till now. I was pleasantly surprised.. It's filled with beautiful imagery. One of the best work I've seen in one book - every page was Pinterest worthy. The book captured the essence of both cities without compromising their integrity.
I'm sorry New York, Paris all the way with these windows.
Love the use of color contrast.
I mean really, how cute is this?! No explanation  needed. 

Of-course, it ends with Amelie and Carrie. ha! 
There is so much more goodness in this book y'all - go get your self a copy! It's perfect for coffee table reading.

images by me 


  1. Wow, such an awesome book! I always love book with interesting graphics like this one. Oh I wish they sell it here, too.

    1. Isn't it so cute?! I think you can buy the book on line. :)